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    • Review from Reverb Central--  Check out the newest review of Action Heroes-  4 Stars 4 stars

      This is a long way from the first wave sound, like a cross between Pollo Del Mar, Rake and the Surftones, Get Wet, Les Baronics, and Cat Mother and the Allnight Newsboys. Classical roots, progressive inversions, surf reverb and visuals... Big Surf have created a unique and infectious brand of surf for the adventurous.

      "Tarfoot" 5 stars

      Wow, this is cool! Rich Russian influences, surf reverb, glissandos, punch, classical feel, and dramatic flare. Very playful and infectious, "Tarfoot" is intellectually challenging while retaining the emotional content of surf.
      Surf Instrumental Stereo

      "Diamond Head" 3 stars

      Big Surf do a fairly straight version of the Ventures' "Diamond Head" with great damped reverb rhythm and dribbling glissandoes. Very reverent and excellent listening.
      Surf Instrumental Stereo

      "Monsta Stomp" 3 stars

      Heavy lumbering footsteps bring on a pumpin' stomp with monsters in mind. "Monsta Stomp" is a little spacy, a little thrashy, and much about the grumble.
      Surf Instrumental Stereo

      "High Plains Marinara" 4 stars

      One might suspect a spaghetti western from the title. One would not be disappointed. A galloping cowboy rhythm, and semi-Italian theme, a laps steel's plaintiff cry, and a quirky overall feel. "High Plains Marinara" is a good time bouncing instro chompin' at the bit for a ride down the trail.
      Surf Instrumental Stereo

      "Darkwave" 4 stars

      Gloom and danger permeate "Darkwave" like murder on the surf or undead riders inside the curl. Lumbering and deadly, with drama and a forbidding sound.
      Surf Instrumental Stereo

      "Blue Surf" 3 stars

      "Blue Surf" is a soft ride in a settling post-storm sea. It undulates like a surge's circular swirl in a rocky cove as the sun breaks through the overcast. Pretty with a sense of relief.
      Surf Instrumental Stereo

      "Rap City" 3 stars

      This is a very nicely done cover of the Ventures' surf conversion of Brahms' "Hungarian Rhapsody." This is a very nicely done version!
      Surf Instrumental Stereo

      "Naval Patrol" 5 stars

      This is a spirited and very playful song, with a sense of classical and flying fingers. Rolling down the highway on the way to the best surf party ever, "Naval Patrol" is simply fun. Excellent!
      Surf Instrumental Stereo

      "Prowl" 3 stars

      This is a slow moving gentle afternoon waiting for the surf kinda song with jazzy incisions in it's surf carriage. Lazy and fluid, and perfect for an afternoon nap at Pleasure Point.
      Surf Instrumental Stereo

      "Ace 10" 4 stars

      A pinch of suave, some vibrato shimmer, a dose of quirk, and a dash of pepper... yes, it's kinda like that. Complex and mathematical, liquid and dangerous, and moody. "Ace 10" is an intriguing track.
      Surf Instrumental Stereo

      "Falafel" 4 stars

      Opening like a gentle summer rain, "Falafel" becomes a circular middle eastern based song in praise of those little balls of vegetable matter in white sauce. Very cool and enticing.
      Surf Instrumental Stereo

      "Gotham Blues" 4 stars

      Lap steel cries for NYC as if some death occurred, but the mortician is a saddle tramp and the departed a medicine show barker. Quite unusual, and pretty darn cool.
      Surf Instrumental Stereo

      "Bareback" 3 stars

      Kinda cowboy, kinda longboard, and kinda swirly. "Bareback" is a strong track with depth and classical complexity. An adequate supply of spiff keeps this in the tube.
      Surf Instrumental Stereo

      "Journey To The Stars" 4 stars

      An extended space travel intro borne of tape echo brings on a fairly traditional rendition of the Ventures' "Journey To The Stars." the big thunder and the double picked edge are intact, as is the space-surf feel. Very nice!
      Surf Instrumental Stereo

      "Stormwatch" 5 stars

      Heavy dark thunder, dramatic percussion, grumbling bass, and vibrato rhythm... "Stormwatch" is a dominating track that portrays just what its title implies. An excellent instro with throb and shimmer. the damped plucked lines are very cool!
      Surf Instrumental Stereo

      "Ebb Tide" 5 stars

      "Ebb Tide" is a very cool and liquefied instro with dribbling guitar lines, a moody and picturesque melody line, and a sense of optimism after a trial of some sort. Very moving indeed.
      Surf Instrumental Stereo


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